Geothermal Services

Era Energy, Professional Geothermal Consultancy Services

Geothermal Prospecting is an interdisciplinary activity. A team, including geologists, geophysicist, hydrologists, geochemists, drilling and reservoir engineers work together and perform an iterative study.

Era Energy offers consulting services in every phase of geothermal prospecting in the below chart with its experienced staff.

Depending on the enthalpy of the geothermal fluid, utilization of geothermal energy is divided into two broad categories:

  • Electricity generation (especially fluid temperature >95 ˚C)
  • Direct use (especially fluid temperature < 95 ˚C)
    • Space Heating
    • Industrial processes (especially in chemical industry: production of plastics, synthetic rubber, soaps and detergents)
    • Agricultural use (green house heating, fish farming…)
    • Balneology (thermal tourism)